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BOTSINATM 4.0 is an advanced automation test suite that leverages latest technologies in the software industry, the name "Botsina" itself brings up some creative ideas that depicts Greece's ancient concepts of God, fire and its spiritual energy that empowers nowadays software automation testing capabilities. The ultimate goal of BOTSINATM product suite and its team is to deliver a full capability, one-stop automation testing and a cost-effective solution to our valued customers, regardless of platforms and business domains.

BOTSINATM 4.0 architecture consists of 4 important parts:

BOTSINATM Development Center (DC) – helps test developers to develop automation tests quickly and efficiently with ease to use features like Spy, Record and Playback.

BOTSINATM Test Factory (TF) – is a cloud based central test management system, which can be accessed through the web browser. It helps to remotely access, run and analyze all the developed testing projects.

BOTSINATM Agent – is deployed on specific device or platform to interact with Application Under Test (AUT).

BOTSINATM AI Engine – is ability to learn and improve base on the knowledge that it is taught. This engine provides features via RESTFul APIs.